Celebrating on a Moving Vehicle Was a Positive Thing

Starting a catering business was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I never expected it to be easy at all, but I struggled with being a manager for a long time before I really found my groove. That and it is tough to keep your business running when you haven’t had any training with actually running a business. But I did it, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my fantastic employees. Last week I surprised them all with party bus Toronto limo bus rental for a job well done in helping me keep my business running. Not only that but I wanted to let them know that we had landed a really big client in our city that would be bringing us even more business.

We had a particularly rough week because of one of our delivery trucks crashing on the way to an event. No one was hurt, thank heavens. But all the food we had spent two days getting prepped and then cooked so that we would be on time was damaged. We had to pull a rabbit out of out hats, scramble to the store to get as many food supplies as we could and then race to cook before the event. We also set up a lot of equipment at the event itself to cook right on the spot, too. We pulled it off with no trouble at all.

The CEO of a well known business learned about what we pulled off and met with me that night to let me he wanted us to be the official caterer for his company. I have never been more proud than I was of my employees that night. Renting the bus so that they celebrate was the least that I could do for them. It was such a good night for all of us.